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Video: Boston tower ladder collapses at fire


A fire truck malfunction caused a tower ladder to collapse onto a home on Duke Street Wednesday night.

A firefighter, who was on the ladder when it collapsed onto the three story building, was able to climb onto the roof.

Fire Commissioner Joe Finn called the incident a “major structural fail of the truck.”

“It’s too early to tell what caused the ladder to fail, thank goodness that no one was injured,” Finn said.

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As they battled the blaze, Tower Ladder 10 malfunctioned, causing a ladder with an attached basket to drop against the house.

Although no one was on the ladder at the time of the malfunction, one firefighter who was in the basket at the time fell a few feet but was uninjured. Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn said had the ladder not fallen against the house, the firefighter could have been seriously injured.

Finn said the department’s trucks are regularly serviced and there was no sign anything was wrong with the ladder.

The department’s motor squad responded to the scene and the cause of the malfunction is being investigated.

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