Firefighters train with sex toys

German firefighters practice rescue skills

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James Cox, The Sun:

Emergency crews are being drilled in cutting off penis rings or extracting items that have got stuck in hard to reach places.

The course was launched after a spike in calls from men whose kinky antics had left them in trouble.

Incidents include a man with crochet needles stuck in his urethra and another who got his manhood stuck in a bottle.

The seminar is called Maschinenunfaelle in German, which translates to ‘Mechanical Failures’.

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New Zealand Herald:

The course is a response to the increase in the number of delicate emergency calls where men have damaged or trapped their penises or lodged objects in their bottoms during kinky sexual stunts.

Images from the seminar for 600 firefighters held in Dresden in the eastern Germany’s state of Saxony show trainees surrounding a prone firefighter with a lifelike dildo emerging through a heat shield blanket.

On this occasion, a penis ring is trapped on the shaft.

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