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Close call video: 2 firefighters with minor injuries exiting roof at house fire

Fire Wednesday in Port Jervis, New York

DRAMATIC VIDEO: a house fire in Port Jervis , flames suddenly got very big and firefighters scramble to get down ladder. More coming on Spectrum News Hudson Valley.

Posted by Caitlin Landers on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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A bit of a close call yesterday (Wednesday) during a house fire on West Main Street in Port Jervis, NY as firefighters exited the roof.

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Heather Yakin,

A passerby tried to break windows, fearing someone was trapped inside the building. Police, on the scene almost immediately, threw Stat-X fire suppressant “bombs” into the building to knock down the fire to check for possible victims, (Deputy fire chief) Rohner said. Firefighters arrived within two minutes.

Rohner said the wood-frame house was built using balloon construction, meaning the framing goes from basement to roof. That also means fire can move quickly upward through the structure.

As firefighters started cutting a rectangular hole in the roof to vent the building, Rohner said, the flames “shot up right under the firefighters, so they had to make a hasty exit.”

In a matter of seconds, flame and black smoke rose up through the second-story windows where two firefighters were working, and then billowed out. A third firefighter, up on the roof, had to climb down through the fire and smoke to escape. He was taken by Port Jervis Emergency Medical Services to Bon Secours Community Hospital for evaluation.

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More fire pics, flames started up again at top of roof.

Posted by Caitlin Landers on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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