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FDNY firefighter is very public about his ghost, alien & angel sightings

Firefighter Andrew Radziewicz says he's a psychic medium

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Until now, if you thought of ghosts and the FDNY it’s likely you envisioned the Tribeca home of Ladder 8 featured in the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters”. A current FDNY firefighter seems to be trying to change that, putting the focus on Engine 211/Ladder 119 in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn where he works. Anna Sanders in the New York Post describes Firefighter Andrew Radziewicz as not only one of New York’s Bravest but also one of it’s strangest.

The Post article highlights a March interview (below) Firefighter Radziewicz did with the online radio show “Sacred Matrix”. Radziewicz says he’s working on a book and a documentary. According to the Post, the firefighter claims to have been awakened last September 11 by seven-foot tall “light beings” that he captured on video. So far the video has not been released.

Anna Sanders, New York Post:

Firefighter Andrew Radziewicz says he’s a “psychic medium” who regularly encounters extraterrestrials, UFOs, dead people, angels and other strange phenomena — even in his Brooklyn fire station.

Radziewicz claims that a massive “mothership” follows him around and that his encounters with aliens and angels turns his skin blue. He posts many pictures of his blue self. The soul of his dead dog, Odi, frequently visits him on a “lightship,” he says in posts.

Radziewicz wouldn’t talk to The Post about his supposed abilities — including the power to heal — and visions, but he has spoken about them to fringe media programs that focus on extraterrestrials and other dimensions of consciousness.

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