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Caught on camera: Firefighters & police struck on Texas highway

Two firefighters & two police officers hurt

This video is incredible it shows the moment an SUV slams into 2 0fficers and 2 Firefighters Saturday morning during a rain storm. They miraculously survived.

Posted by Rebecca Lopez on Monday, October 8, 2018

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In Hutchins, Texas Monday two police officers and two firefighters were hurt when an SUV hit a police car at the scene of a collision.

Rebecca Lopez, WFAA-TV:

One firefighter is knocked to the middle of the road as cars speed by. He’s in the hospital with broken ribs.

(Wilmer) Officer (Alex) Lopez body camera video captures the second he goes to the ground. You hear him scream in pain.

“I have scrapes and bruises, and I’m real sore, but thank God it could have been worse,” he said.

The driver isn’t being charged, but state law mandates that drivers move over or slow down when they see first responders on the side of the road.

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