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ULfirefightersafety‘s video “Close Before You Doze – See the Dramatic Difference a Door Can Make” is among the most effective fire safety messages I’ve seen. Fire Department PIOs, you should be sharing this with your local news media and pitching this story. My friends in local and network TV, you should be talking with the fire departments in your area about how to tell this story and even set up a similar local demonstration. This will save lives.

While the video is clearly focusing on parents, don’t forget the children. My kid saw Frank Field’s “Fire Is” in second grade. He decided, at that moment and on his own, to never sleep with the door open again. While Sam may have been on the young side to view this, the best part of Frank’s work is that it didn’t talk down to children and provided a reality check. Don’t lose sight of the positive impact the UL video can have on older elementary school children and beyond.

Congratulations to Steve Kerber, Josh Crandall and everyone at UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, including its public education advisory group.

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