Early video: San Francisco high-rise fire

Fire in Financial District apartment building Monday

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Until late yesterday (Monday) afternoon the big fire news of the day in San Francisco was that long-time fire chief Joanne Hayes-White announced her retirement. At 5:15 p.m. the focus had switched to a high-rise fire in the city’s Financial District that burned apartments on four floors. There is lots of video of the fire, including from my brother-in-law (above), who watched the fire from his office window.

Gwendolyn Wu & Roland Li,

(Lt. Jonathan) Baxter said the fire burned through the hallways and inside approximately 10 apartments.

“Flames were lapping through the windows,” he said. “It was very fierce.”

Bystanders and evacuees said that the flames shattered and broke out windows on the 12th floor and crawled up the balconies of the building.

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