A 2nd DC firefighter arrested for gun incident

There's been a lot of firefighter gun troubles in the news recently

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For the second time in recent days there has been news coverage about the arrest of a DC Fire & EMS Department firefighter for an incident involving a gun while driving off-duty. The most recent incident involves Firefighter Michael Huskins who was arrested over the weekend after being spotted by police looking for his gun along a DC highway bridge (see below). Last week we told you about Firefighter Adam Kraus who was charged with a hate crime over the summer after he was accused of pulling his gun during a road rage incident in Pennsylvania. It only recently became news locally because DC Fire & EMS says Kraus did not report his arrest to the department.

Also recently, a Houston, Texas firefighter was arrested for holding a driver at gunpoint because he erroneously thought was involved in a hit and run collision. In addition, a retired firefighter in Michigan was just sentenced to four to ten years after firing his shotgun at a black teenager who rang the doorbell of his home.

PLEASE NOTE the following is not a gun control message. I am not about to step on that third rail. But one of the things I do at STATter911 is look for patterns developing. It’s why I’ve long noted the social media problems that have caused many firefighters to lose their jobs. My goal in posting the SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome) stories has always been to alert firefighters to the ways social media can impact their job security. I don’t think we are at the point we at the point that we need to regularly the FACSS acronym (Firearms Assisted …), but it’s something to think about.

Ana Srikanth, WTOP Radio:

Michael Huskins was on the Interstate 695 bridge last Saturday night when an officer came up to him. The officer said Huskins smelled like alcohol and said he was looking for his gun.

Another officer identified Huskins as a suspect in a crash on Newcomb Street S.E. that day.

Police looked, but could not find the gun. However, Huskins did have his holster and a magazine with several rounds of ammunition.

Police charged Huskins with driving and carrying a gun while under the influence, and as a suspect in the earlier crash.

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