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Must see video: FDNY calls explosion at Queens fire a backdraft

7 firefighters with non-life threatening injuries during 5-alarm fire

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Watch what happens at :14 into this video from THEMAJESTIRIUM1. Seven firefighters were injured in this 5-alarm fire this (Thursday) morning. No life threatening injuries. Below is more video and radio traffic of the fire from THEMAJESTIRIUM1. For context, the reported backdraft occurs at 9:28 in the video below.


The fire broke out inside one store on Queens Boulevard around 2:14 a.m. Thursday and quickly spread.

Dozens of firefighters were called to the scene as the fire grew to five alarms.

The raging flames eventually engulfed six stores, one of which partially collapsed in the back.

Firefighters dodged a frightening backdraft that ripped through one building at around 3 a.m., sending them scrambling to Queens Boulevard for safety.

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Nicole Brown, AMNewYork:

“At this time, we have six businesses affected by the fire,” (Assistant Chief Anthony) De Vita said at about 6:45 a.m.

The roof of the commercial strip collapsed, likely because of a backdraft, the chief said.

“With the amount of fire and heat and with the right amount of fuel and oxygen, sometimes you have a smoke explosion, a backdraft which is basically an instantaneous ignition of smoke and heat and gases,” he said. 

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