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UPDATE: Unpaid leave for EMT who is co-host of white supremacist podcast

Virginia's Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad takes action against Alex McNabb

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CNN reports Alex McNabb, the EMT who has hosted a neo-Nazi podcast and who has been described in news stories as a white supremacist, is now on unpaid leave from Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad in Stuart, Virginia. Huffington Post reported over the weekend that Virginia’s Department of Health opened an investigation into McNabb. On the podcast “The Daily Shoah” and his Twitter feed, McNabb has routinely mixed his views about race with mentions of his work as an EMT and fundraising for the rescue squad.

McNabb, who describes himself as “pro-white”, has continued to react to the news coverage and his critics on Twitter. McNabb calls the sudden notoriety a “character assassination attempt.”

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News report: Virginia investigating white supremacist EMT

Jason Kravarik & Sara Sidner, CNN:

“This individual should never be involved in patient care at any level,” said Lock Boyce, the board of supervisors’ chairman of Patrick County. “Not as a physician, a nurse, an EMT. Not anywhere.” The rural, overwhelmingly white county in the Blue Ridge Mountains has a contract with McNabb’s employers.

An attorney for McNabb’s employer, JEB Stuart Volunteer Rescue Squad, told CNN that McNabb was placed on unpaid leave Monday night, two days after news reports of his comments surfaced.

“We’ll cooperate (with the state),” said Wren Williams, JEB Stuart’s attorney. “I’ve cautioned against firing him outright yet because we don’t want to be sued for wrongful termination.”

Williams said McNabb’s future will rest with JEB Stuart’s board. The board held an emergency meeting Wednesday night where it affirmed the decision to place McNabb on unpaid leave until the state’s investigation concludes, he said.

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