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EMT called a ‘racist’ & ‘neo-Nazi’ testifies at raucous hearing

Alex McNabb claims 1A protects him & his job

The Patrick County Board of Supervisors are addressing concerns about an EMT who was recently suspended after reportedly posting racist comments on white supremacist podcast.

Posted by WFXR News on Monday, December 17, 2018

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The video (above) is from yesterday’s (Monday) raucous hearing of the Patrick County (VA) Board of Supervisors. The topic was JEB Stuart Rescue Squad’s part-time employee Alex McNabb. McNabb, on unpaid leave from the squad, was the star witness, getting into a heated confrontation with Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Lock Boyce (starts at about 42 minutes into the video). At one point Boyce yelled, “You shut up, I’ve got the floor.” McNabb believes his employment, despite his controversial views, is protected by the First Amendment.

In the end, the supervisors passed a motion condemning acts of hate and white supremacy. They did not withhold funding for JEB Stuart Rescue Squad. Boyce had previously threatened such action if McNabb wasn’t fired.

A lawyer representing the squad seemed to have as much criticism of Chairman Boyce as he did for Alex McNabb. The attorney, Wren Williams, defended JEB Stuart Rescue Squad’s decision not to immediately fire McNabb. Williams said the rescue squad believes Virginia’s Department of Health is likely to revoke McNabb’s credentials following an investigation that started in late November. Williams said he is hoping such a decision will make it less likely that McNabb will sue the rescue squad if they were to fire him. Without that, Williams believes a lengthy civil suit could bankrupt the rescue squad. McNabb confirmed he expects to file suit if terminated. On behalf of JEB Stuart Rescue Squad, Williams made it clear they are very much against the racist ideology McNabb publicly expresses.

Alex McNabb’s association with the podcast “The Daily Shoah” and neo-Nazi and white supremacist social media accounts came to light in a Huffington Post article published December 8. McNabb’s suspension came two days later. Alex McNabb regularly talks about his EMT work and raises money for JEB Stuart Rescue Squad on the same forums he expresses his controversial views.


The most heated exchange between Boyce and McNabb was in reference to a story McNabb told on a white supremacist podcast, where his character, “Dr. Narcan,” mistreated a black child while drawing blood. He uses his real name on the show, but made the comments in question while in character.

“Dr. Narcan enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter.”
“Did you say that? Did you make that up, do you think that’s funny?,” asked Chairman Boyce.

“I think it’s funny,” McNabb responded.

“I don’t,” Boyce said.

“My audience thinks it’s funny,” McNabb said.

“I don’t and to even have a thought like that…” Boyce responded.

“They don’t think you’re funny, though; they don’t think you’re funny at all,” McNabb said.

“To even have a thought like that is repugnant. You are talking about torturing children who are in your care,” Boyce said.

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