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Early video & radio traffic from Stockton, CA third-alarm with rescue

Fire in an eight-plex apartment building

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Recently posted video production from StocktonFireHistory with multiple cameras and radio traffic recorded during a 3-alarm fire last year with injured people and a person trapped. Here’s some of the description with the video:

On April 28th, 2018, Stockton Firefighters responded to a 3rd Alarm Structure Fire in an 8-plex apartment complex on Channel. Before Firefighters arrived, several victims were forced out onto their balconies, and then jumped to avoid the flames. Firefighters took an unusually long time to extinguish the fire because (1) a previous roof-over-roof remodel created many void spaces & (2) the fire was fed by a compromised heater’s gas line. During the firefight, crews on scene made a rescue through a window via the tactic Vent-Enter-Search (VES).

This video is an educational tool for firefighters and the public. It begins with the 9-1-1 call from inside the apartment on fire. This may be difficult to hear, and is meant to illustrate the demands frequently placed upon our dispatchers.

To see the arrival conditions and hear the size-up: skip to 2:20. To see the Vent-Enter-Search (VES) operations, victim removal, and the difficulties associated with it: skip to 7:20.

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