Early video from 2-alarm fire in Allentown, PA

Fire Sunday on Pine Street

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Relatively early video from Bill Rohrer at newsworking taken during a two-alarm fire early Sunday on Pine Street in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Read more at Newsworking. Here’s some of what Bill posted with the video:

Chief Hess arrived and reported heavy fire showing from the second floor of the 2.5-Story duplex. Engine 9 came in from 9th Street and stretched one hand line into the fire building at 935 Pine Street.

Engine 4 came in from 10th Street and stretched a hand line into the exposure (B) 937 Pine Street. Engine 9 got the upper hand on the second floor of the fire building. Once that fire was knocked, the third floor lit off. A third hand line was placed in service and used on the exterior, hitting hot spots on the outside of the house. When the fire vented from the attic dormer, the exterior line was moved to the front and hit the dormer with the stream to help cool down and darken down the attic so the crew on the second floor could stretch upwards. A blitz fire from Engine 9 was placed in front of the building but never used. The crews in the exposure kept the fire from extending into that portion of the building.  

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