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News report: Maine captain died protecting another firefighter

Berwick FD's Capt. Joel Barnes & firefighter were trapped in a third-floor bedroom

Family photo of Capt. Joel Barnes

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Matt Byrne,

Capt. Joel Barnes, 32, of Shapleigh, died from injuries he sustained after he and another firefighter became trapped in a third-floor room of an apartment building on Bell Street in Berwick, according to fire officials and his family.

Barne’s father, Michael Barnes, 66, of Old Orchard Beach, said his son’s last act was to shield another firefighter when the flames and the heat pressed in around them.

“They were told to set down, to hang there and wait for rescue, and he covered the other firefighter up and saved his life,” Michael Barnes said. “I met with the person that he saved. He came up and he hugged me and said, ‘Joel saved my life today. He jumped on me.’”

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