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Caught on camera: Speeding car hits homes & causes fire in PA

So this just happened in linwood, PaA car ran a red light at roughly 70mph in a 35.Took out a fence, skipped our house, took out the next two neighbors porches (roofs and all) ripped open the gas main on the 4th house. Jumped from the steps from the 4th house up 8feet in the air into a enclosed porch ejecting the motor into the living room. The house burnt.(probably a total loss so sad such a wonderful family and neighbors) the driver got out of the burning car by being ejected when it split in half and is alive (when loaded onto ambulance)Side note im so proud of my family for following our evacuate plan. We got all babies kids and adults out in second, nobody put on shoes/shirts/touched phones/ everyone just got out!!! All credit to Michael Green

Publicado por Michael Green en Martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

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The speeding car that went through this front yard, hit the porch of a second house and then a third, where it caught fire early today (Wednesday) in Lower Chichester, Pennsylvania. Somehow, all survived.


“It hit the two porches, the houses are together, and then went airborne to the other porch,” said Brian Mullen, Jr., who witnessed the crash. ” Once everybody got out, that’s when the house went up in flames.”

The flames spread to the home creating an intense fire that took firefighters 40 minutes to bring under control.

“I heard my neighbors screaming and I open the door and ask them what was going on,” said Kelly Freeman. “And then he tells me to get me and my family out of the house because this car ran into this house. And it caught on fire.”

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