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Must see video: Ambulance encounters tornado in Virginia

Unit damaged, but crew unhurt in Friday's storm

With question as to the clarity of some of the various media outlet shared video, of my video, from the tornado, here is the original straight from my phone. Hopefully a more clear and crisp view.

Posted by Bryan Ferguson on Saturday, April 20, 2019

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Thanks to Mike Legeros for alerting STATte911 to this video.

Siobahn McGirl, WDBJ-TV:

When an EF-3 tornado swept through Franklin County Friday, Medic Unit 6 was driving down Route 220.

Bryan Ferguson and Billy Akers were in the ambulance when dispatch came over the radio: “Attention all units, be advised we are currently in a tornado warning until 11:00 for this area.”

The team checked on each other, called dispatch and then got to work. They immediately got out of the ambulance to check on drivers around them.

One of the first things the pair saw was a truck, only feet away, toppled by a tree.

“We looked over the embankment, and I’m just thinking the worst,” said Ferguson.

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Lindsey Kennett, WSLS-TV:

“As we were coming up the road, we were looking out towards the west, towards where the storm activity looked like it was coming from, thinking it was further away and just watching,” Ferguson said. “Next thing you know, we’re running right into it.”

Debris pounded the ambulance, the right mirror bent and the glass on the back doors shattered. Thankfully, there were no patients in the ambulance at the time. Ferguson vividly remembered the shaking and turbulence in the ambulance.

“Noises were weirdest thing. The debris hitting the ambulance, just showering everything around us, including us,” he said. “We both just kind of shelled up and threw our arms up for protection.”

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