Video: 3-alarm bowling alley fire in Troy, New York

Mayday: Chief says there were tense moments over concern for missing firefighters

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Steven Cook, The Daily Gazette:

A large fire Wednesday morning consumed the Alpha Lanes bowling alley and shuttered schools in the area as firefighters worked to get it out.

The fire at Alpha Lanes on Fifth Avenue destroyed the historic bowling alley, collapsing parts of the structure and dropping the iconic Alpha sign to the ground as flames continued to take the building.

There were no injuries in the fire, Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon told Gazette news gathering partner CBS6.

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Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon says the biggest challenge was the amount of fire and the head start that the fire had before they arrived.

He says that the fire was already extending to multiple garages, he says they did lose one residential garage in the rear of the building.

He says it was a three alarm, and at one point thought firefighters were calling mayday, which could signal a potentially life threatening situation, or meaning they are lost or disoriented. There were no reported injuries.

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