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Sex in the firehouse? But this time it’s not the firefighters

EEOC complaint claims top official in Mississippi town using firehouse as a motel

Mayor Mario King from Moss Point, MS website

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Read entire lawsuit

I urge you to read the linked article to understand all of the claims being made against Mayor Mario King of Moss Point, Mississippi or read the EEOC complaint.’s Margaret Baker starts the story this way:

Moss Point Mayor Mario King is an intimidating pistol-packing mayor who harasses non-millennial employees to force them out of a job, uses city resources for his own personal use and retaliates against employees who try to take a stand against him, according to the latest lawsuit filed against the first-term mayor.

11 current and former city employees filed that lawsuit, along with the wife of a firefighter. But that’s far from the only fire department connection. Among the plaintiffs are the former fire chief and three current firefighters. It’s not a stretch to imagine that information about one of the most interesting claims in the lawsuit came from Misti Eaker, the wife of Battalion Chief David Eaker:

Ms. Eaker’s complaints regarding the mayor’s conduct include his use of the living quarters at the fire department as his personal “motel,” wherein the mayor has stayed in the same bedroom, overnight, with a woman to whom he is not married. While the mayor has engaged in such unlawful and inappropriate behavior, the mayor has fabricated complaints against the Eakers intended to prevent Ms. Eaker from even visiting her husband at the fire station to drop off food and meals.

According to the suit Mayor King has prohibited anyone but police from carrying a firearm in city hall. Anyone, that is, except himself:

In fact, the suit says, King on at least one occasion pulled out his firearm on the job and used it “to intimidate and harass” an employee.

The lawsuit claims Mayor King accused four white firefighters of being racist and prohibited them from showing the confederate flag in the fire station even though there was no indication they had ever done so.

Again, I urge to read Margaret Baker’s entire article about this King who would be mayor.

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