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Pre-arrival drone video: 5 single family homes burning on arrival in Indiana

Friday conflagration in West Lafayette, IN area

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Drone video (above) from Travis Oliver shows five homes on fire on arrival yesterday (Friday) in the West Lafayette, Indiana area in a community called Lindberg Village. Videos (below) were taken earlier, showing only three of the homes burning. News coverage here.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, we all know the reasons five homes burned and that many more were damaged by radiant heat. The neighbors will all be shocked and surprised, but this conflagration scenario continues to play out across the country thanks to decades of constructing disposable subdivisions. They are built to burn and built to take additional homes with them.

The good news, of course, is this is a wonderful moment for home builders. They get to build five more new homes, while the vinyl siding people get to replace siding on a dozen or so of the houses. Congratulations to the building industry for getting these excellent results through its long record of fighting the fire service on measures to prevent this kind of fire spread.

This scenario is now so common, sometimes I wonder why I share it. When it becomes so routine it really isn’t news. Oh well.

Lindberg Village Fires

Incredible video taken by Lilly VanFossen of the Lindberg Village fires. As of now, 5 homes destroyed. A neighbor tells News 18's Marvin Bills he heard a "big boom." Cause unknown right now. Updates via WLFI, News 18

Posted by Trevor Peters WLFI on Friday, July 12, 2019

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