Video: Pennsylvania firehouse burns — rigs destroyed

Fire Saturday at Lawrenceville Fire Department and Ambulance Association

Lawrenceville fire station about 1/2 hr. ago.

Posted by Joe Green on Saturday, July 27, 2019

Video and details from the fire yesterday (Saturday) evening that destroyed the Lawrenceville Fire Department and Ambulance Association in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania (Tioga County). More video and details can be found at First News Now on Facebook.

Note: The department has posted on its Facebook page that NO GoFundMe accounts have been authorized for the department and all donations should me mailed to Lawrenceville Fire Department, PO Box 177, Lawrenceville PA 16929.

Jeff Murray, Elmira Star-Gazette:

The Lawrenceville Fire Department and Ambulance Association is looking at rebuilding after a blaze broke out at the department’s fire station Saturday.

Fire department personnel were able to save two ambulances and a patrol truck, along with an engine truck that did sustain heat and fire damage.

Several other area fire departments responded to the scene to help extinguish the blaze. A cause hasn’t been announced at this time.

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Posted by Roger Rose on Saturday, July 27, 2019


LAWRENCEVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT BURNS Video by FNN © July 27, 2019.LAWRENCEVILLE, PA – This live video was captured after 11:00PM, on Saturday, July 27, 2019. The video shows what is left of the garage bay of the Lawrnnceville Fire Department which was destroyed in a blaze that started just before 6:00PM.At this time FNN received word from fire personnel that the fire broke out in the Lawrenceville Rescue Unit. Two Lawrenceville fire members went to investigate smoke. When they arrived on the scene, they found smoke pouring out of the station's garage area. They reported that the rescue unit was fully involved inside the garage bay. It is unknown what exactly unfolded, however, the individuals entered the bay and to move fire apparatus out. One of the ambulances was being moved out of the garage when Rescue 8-8 exploded, FNN was told.No one was reported injured in the explosion, however, the flames soon spread across the ceiling of the station.FNN was able to confirm that two ambulances and the department's patrol unit were rescued. Although another firefighter who arrived on scene tried to save Engine 8-2. That firefighter had to drive through the bay door to exit the building, as a result Engine 8-2 was seriously damaged. That Lawrenceville firefighter was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. He was released later that day. As for the fire vehicles that were destroyed in the blaze, FNN was told, Rescue 8-8, Engine 8-3 and Squad 8-18 were reported to be a total loss. Also lost in the fire was all the gear and equipment in the garage, as well as, the department's CPR teaching materials.Fire crews from Lawrenceville, Knoxville, Lindley, Elkland, Middlebury, Mansfield, Blossburg, Tioga, Wellsboro, East Corning, Pine City, Webbs Mills, Galeton, South Corning, Gang Mills, Greater Valley Ambulance, Wellsboro Ambulance, Wellsboro Medics, Millerton, Hammondsport, Sabinsville, Southport, Painted Post, Addison, Western Alliance and Caton assisted at the scene of the devastating fire.At least five firefighters were treated for heat related issues. FNN observed three firemen who were loaded into ambulances and transported to the hospital for treatment. All have been released and were able to return home.The fire was finally reported out around 12:18AM, that is over six hours after it started. FNN was told that it is to early to say if the fire department's Banquet Hall is salvageable until the investigation and the building inspection are completed.

Posted by FIRST News Now on Saturday, July 27, 2019

We suffered a tremendous loss not just for our first responders but our communities. We saved 2 ambulances and the…

Posted by Lawrenceville Fire Department And Ambulance Association on Saturday, July 27, 2019


Posted by FIRST News Now on Saturday, July 27, 2019

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