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Caught on camera: Two firefighters struck at Oklahoma crash scene

Firefighters not seriously hurt in Stringtown crash

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Here’s what Oklahoma Highway Patrol posted with this video:

Dramatic Dash Cam Video: Warning – this video is difficult to watch but we can tell you both men hit will be ok – miraculously they were left with only bruises – no broken bones. This is from a crash we worked a few weeks ago. The two men hit are Stringtown firefighters and this is dash cam from the Stringtown police chief. This is a graphic reminder to SLOW DOWN – especially when roads are slick and you see flashing lights.

Jared Gilmour, The State:

It was too late to escape by the time two firefighters noticed a careening U-Haul behind them. The trailer plowed right into them on an Oklahoma road, knocking them to the ground, video shows.

Footage from the incident, which happened a few weeks ago, was shared by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Facebook Tuesday. Within hours, the 10-second clip had been viewed around 100,000 times and had been shared more than 2,000 times.

Highway Patrol said “this video is difficult to watch but we can tell you both men hit will be ok,” adding that they sustained bruises but no broken bones as the trailer rammed into them.

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