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Caught on video: A fire SUV on Long Island drowns. Firefighters OK.

News report says vehicle swerved to avoid hitting person on beach

There’s no good time to lose the fire SUV in the ocean, but there are some worse times. Like when all those interested in weather are focused on a hurricane churning through the Atlantic. This video and some similar ones taken of the fire department vehicle drowning seem to be getting a lot of attention on weather sites and beyond. Here are the details about the Fire Island Pines Fire Department vehicle in the ocean at Cherry Grove (Suffolk County on Long Island), New York via WNBC-TV:

An official vehicle of the Fire Island Pines Fire Department swerved off the road and into the ocean on Saturday, where the overturned SUV was abandoned in the rough water, officials said.

Three people inside the maintenance vehicle escaped unharmed, Chief Joe Geiman said.

The crew was driving on the east end of Cherry Grove just after noon when someone on the beach stepped in front of the vehicle, Geiman said.

The driver swerved, went over the seawall and landed in the rough surf.

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