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Caught on camera: Firefighter falls off roof at Los Angeles house fire

LAFD reports firefighter not seriously injured

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The video (above) shows a firefighter losing footing and falling off the roof of a burning home in the Sun Valley area of Los Angeles. LAFD reports the firefighter was not seriously injured.

There are a couple of news media moments from the coverage of this fire that are worth mentioning. The bottom video on this post has two TV anchors narrating the live helicopter pictures of the fire for about five-minutes. At about 4:45 in the video, the two are talking about tactics used by firefighters. One of the anchors says–after acknowledging there’s water shooting straight up through the vented roof–“I don’t think they have anybody inside. It’s possible that they do”. I’d change that to probable.

The second item is this one from a KCBS-TV article about the fire:

Here’s hoping it’s just a typo and they don’t actually think those firefighters on the roof were trying to “tent” it.


Firefighters on Saturday battled a large house fire in Sun Valley — one firefighter lost his footing and fell off the roof during the firefight but wasn’t seriously hurt, officials said.

The fire all but destroyed a dwelling in the 11600 block of Cantara Street. (The fire was first reported to be occurring in the 8100 block of Troost Avenue.)

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