Early video: Stockton, California house fire

Fire in South Yosemite Street

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Recently posted video from StocktonFireHistory Originals showing an October 25 house fire in Stockton, California.

Here is some of what was posted with the video:

Engine 2, Battalion 1, and Operator 1 responded from down the street- and arrived on scene quickly of a single story, single family dwelling with heavy fire showing out back windows on the Delta side of the structure. Engine 2 gives a radio size-up and goes to work. Battalion 1 is immediately behind and assumes Command. Operator 1 is a clerical position responsible for the day-to-day staffing of the department (as well as dozens of other tasks); and is in charge of Accountability on fires as well as filling other non-IDHL ICS roles.

Firefighters worked quickly to knock the fire down and search the house for any trapped or downed citizens. Crews found no one in the house, and turned their efforts to extinguishing the fire that had extended into the attic space. Truck crews arrived on scene and provided vertical ventilation. Firefighters transitioned into overhaul to ensure all burning materials were thoroughly extinguished. No injuries were reported.

The fire was put ‘under control’ within 12 minutes- from the first 9-1-1 call to the blaze being ‘knocked down’ (this includes alerting and responding time). Stockton Firefighters believe that a contained, uninterrupted fire has the potential to double in size every 60 seconds. We believe that an aggressive interior attack is the best chance to save life and property.

FYI about this particular video: On the only day this year, Engine 2 happen to have a four person staffed Engine due to a training opportunity for a ‘junior operator.’ Upon arriving on scene, the four person crew work incredibly efficiently to advance hose into the fire and extinguish the blaze. (This was a glorious throw-back to before staffing-cuts in 2011, when all Stockton Fire Engines were staffed with four). Due to the fire’s location close to the firehouse, Engine 2 was on scene for minutes ‘alone’ before other apparatus arrived- which is not usually the case. Despite being on scene as the only Engine, the crew was able to work extremely efficiently and put the fire out as other units arrived. It happen to also be the first 48 hour set that a previously seasoned Engineer was riding as a newly-promoted Captain. His first size-up is cool, calm, and collected. Well done.

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