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Caught on camera: Florida firefighters fired after fighting on EMS run

Firefighter says dispute began during firehouse horseplay that got out of hand

'Blatantly unprofessional’: Video shows 2 Osceola County firefighters brawl while patient waits to go to hospital | Shannon Butler WFTV reports:

Posted by WFTV Channel 9 on Friday, February 7, 2020

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In Osceola County Florida two firefighters have been fired for getting into a fight while on an EMS call for a sick child. Their lieutenant, who says he didn’t witness the October 19 fight, has been demoted to engineer. The lieutenant apparently counseled the firefighters afterwards and settled the dispute.

One of the firefighters says the problem began during horseplay in the firehouse that got out of hand prior to the emergency call. The firefighter says he was tired and that this was the 44th hour of a 48 hour shift.

Shannon Butler & Katlyn Brieskorn, WFTV-TV:

The mother and child were loaded into the rescue vehicle when firefighters Raymond Powell and Jaison Monanski got into a scuffle.

No punches were thrown but the two tangled in a brawl outside their vehicle while the patient waited for transport.

According to a report, the fight ended when the firefighters realized that Toni Anderson, who worked the night shift at the hotel, was watching them.

Anderson called Osceola County Fire to complain and said the firefighters’ behavior was “blatantly unprofessional.”

Her complaint led to an investigation.

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