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Must see: Another case of ‘Do you know who I am?’ disease

The Newburgh, NY council member kept telling officers he was their boss

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STATter911’s most popular video ever–with more than 12 million views–came almost two-years-ago. It featured the charming Caren Z. Turner, a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official, trying to bully some New Jersey police officers who had stopped her daughter and some friends. It didn’t end well for Turner. She lost that Port Authority post and became the poster child for “Do you know who I am?” disease. But Caren Turner’s performance will have to take a back seat to the video of Newburgh, New York Councilman-at-Large Omari Shakur.

Shakur didn’t like the fact that Newburgh Police Department officers approached his car because it was stopped in the street and hadn’t moved after an officer honked his horn. In body-cam video from the incident Tuesday obtained by Mid-Hudson news, you will hear Shakur repeatedly cussing the officers and even touching them. Shakur told the officers numerous times he was their boss.

This is far from Shakur’s fist confrontation with Newburgh police officers. He has been arrested numerous times and had mounted many protests against police. In 2006, his son was shot and killed in a chase and gun battle with police.

Mid Hudson News:

When reached by Mid-Hudson News Friday evening, Shakur said he was about to go into a meeting and could not talk at that moment.

“The situation is under investigation and I have no further comment,” said Mayor Torrance Harvey.

“These actions by an elected official, directed toward police officers are an example of the exact type of immoral, unethical and divisive behaviors that can never be tolerated,” the Police Superior Officers Association said in a statement. “The City of Newburgh and its police department, takes pride on being one of the most diverse, welcoming and inclusive cities. The city and its police department have taken a firm stance on being open and transparent, speaking out against bigotry, racism, violence and unethical behavior.

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