Dash-cam video & radio traffic from Ohio house with victim

Abandoned Newark home was used for drug manufacturing

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The latest video from David Decker taken during a house fire on February 26. According to Chief Decker, this is a an abandoned home where previous fires occurred. This time there was a person in the home. The cause of the fire was drug manufacturing. Here’s some of the description with the video:

The first arriving fire apparatus was Rescue-1. While the crew was stretching a line the driver opened up the deckgun into the Bravo window on Division-2. On my initial 360 the rear bedroom was fully involved.

The application of the deckgun knocked down the fire in the second floor hallway and rear bedroom allowing an occupant to escape by jumping from the rear window on the Charlie side of the building. This person sustained serious injuries from the fire. A request for Air-Evac was made, however, they were unable to fly due to heavy fog. The patient was transported by NFD medics by ground to Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The fire investigation revealed that cause of the fire was a result of drug manufacturing.

No firefighters were injured at this fire.

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