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Must see video: Explosion at Maine mill

No injuries at mill in the town of Jay

Jay Mill Just Blew Up Jay Maine, video From Rick Pratt of Richard Currier Trucking who was waiting in line in his big rig truck!

Posted by Mike Joslyn on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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Caution: Language may not be suitable for work or other environments.

Lauren Abbate, Bangor Daily News:

A large explosion occurred Wednesday afternoon at the Androscoggin Mill in Jay, causing debris from the mill to rain down on nearby roads.

No casualties or injuries have been reported, according to Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Stephen McCausland.

Fire officials are currently working on a strategy to address the aftermath of the explosion. McCausland said a chemical element was involved either during the explosion, or in its aftermath, though he did not know where inside the mill the explosion occurred.

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