Dash-cam & helmet-cam: Multiple set fires at Ohio home

The latest from the Newark Fire Department

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The latest video from Chief David Decker showing a house with multiple set fires that occurred in the early morning hours of May 4 in Newark, Ohio.

Here’s part of the description with the video:

Upon arrival a 360 of the building revealed three separate fires had been set inside the home. Bilco doors on the Charlie side of the building were open with smoke coming from the basement. Smoke was also visible from a first floor window on the Bravo side. And fire was visible from a second floor window on the Alpha side. The initial attack crew was redirected from the front door to the rear of the house to enter the basement and attack the fire. As additional crews arrived, they were assigned to the first and second floor to search for occupants and extinguish the other fires.

The fire was contained to the building, only to be set on fire again on May 18th. That video will be uploaded soon. Both fires were determined to be arson.

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