Pre-arrival video from New Jersey house fire

Video from Toms River fire

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This is video posted today (Friday) by Bob Duf taken during a December 13, 2018 fire on East Rolling Hills Court in Toms River, New Jersey. The fire was in the home of the captain of the Toms River First Aid Squad who was burned in the fire.

Karen Wall,

(Jilian) Messina (Toms River Fire Department) said neighbor Joe Mahon, Toms River Township workers Tim Dalton, Joe Hayward, Dave Gretkowski, and Toms River Police Officer Andrew Gannon were able to help the woman, identified by the Toms River First Aid Squad as the squad’s captain, Alyssa Golembeski, to follow their voices to a rear window of the house and help her get out through that window. She suffered minor burns on her back and feet, according to the first aid squad.

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