Helmet-cam video & radio traffic from Pennsylvania fire

Fire in multi-family residential building in Harrisburg

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The latest video from Brian Bastinelli is from a March 23 fire on Locust Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Here’s some of the description with the video:

At 6 am a report of a couch on fire in a building quickly escalated to a well off fire on the 1st floor with reports of people trapped.

1st arriving crews found fire showing from the 1st floor apartment. The fire was auto exposing the second floor windows. An 1 3/4″ handling was stretched and operated in the 1st floor window while the door was being forced. The engine and truck then entered the fire apartment and began extinguishment and search. The truck then moved above the fire to the second floor. A second line was stretched to cover the second floor. The second truck company split their crew and covered the roof and searches of the third floor. You can hear them forcing doors over the radio while giving a progress report.

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