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Caught on camera: Wheel chocks don’t always help when ‘patients’ don’t want you

Arlington County, Virginia firefighters get a clear message as car drives off

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An interesting little street scene today (Tuesday) caught on an Arlington County, Virginia traffic camera. It was clear something was up as soon as fire and EMS suddenly took a few steps back from the car that was stopped in traffic on busy Arlington Boulevard at Pershing Drive. The report was that two people were slumped over and possibly sick in the vehicle. Fire and EMS promptly put down wheel chocks and started assessing the situation. Moments after they all stepped back, the car began moving. Wheel chocks be damned, the driver pulled around the ambulance and took off.

After giving the arriving police a, “They went that away”, it appears one police SUV was briefly hung up on one of the chocks. No word yet if police caught up the car. I think it’s safe to assume no one in the vehicle signed a refusal.

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