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Body-cam video from deadly shootings & house fire in Maryland

Baltimore County man set fire & killed three of his neighbors before police shot him

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Phillip Jackson, Baltimore Sun:

A Baltimore County Police officer responding to a call of a shooting and explosion in Woodlawn earlier this month arrived to find a house engulfed in flames and a suspect shooting at him as soon as he stepped out of his police cruiser, beginning what appears to be an intense and lethal volley of gunfire, according to police body camera footage released Friday.

The gunman, identified by police as 56-year-old Everton Brown, appeared to be beside his truck as other officers arrive and more than a dozen shots can be heard. When the gunfire dies down, video shows officers dragging Brown away from his truck as a house’s electrical circuits crackle from the fire about 20 feet away from the mayhem.

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Mike Hellgren, WJZ-TV:

Police said he set that fire and killed three of his neighbors. They said Brown ambushed Sara Alacote and Ismael Quintanilla inside of their home, then shot Sagar Ghimire who was outside.

Officers who arrived on the scene shot back at Brown. After a tense few minutes, at least one officer’s bullets hit Brown. He collapses and later dies at the hospital.

Neighbors said Brown had harassed them for years. Several told WJZ he was paranoid and aggressive towards them. Brown had several peace orders taken out against him since he moved to the community and one was still active.

One neighbor described Brown as a “ticking time bomb.“ Others told Helgren they had repeatedly complained about him to the homeowners’ association and law enforcement for more than 20 years.

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