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Out of uniform & in trouble — San Franciso firefighter’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shirt gets attention

SFFD says, "This is not the official uniform of the SFFD. This will be handled immediately."

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Today’s Google of “firefighter” shows the top stories are all about a firefighter out of uniform. Not just a technical violation, but one that’s so blatant and political it caught the attention of a passerby with a camera. It then brought a clear rebuke from the San Francisco Fire Department.

I am not sure how the firefighter with a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt or his officer couldn’t see this would be the likely outcome. If you’re going to wear a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt on-duty in San Francisco you might as well just put a giant “kick me ” sign on your back. Know your audience. The only thing that makes sense is this was a dare or part of a bet with another firefighter.

After the picture was tweeted, the San Francisco Fire Department responded swiftly (in less than an hour) and clearly:

To be honest, I figured we were soon going to learn this wasn’t an on-duty firefighter wearing the shirt. Whether the shirt supported Donald Trump, Joe Biden or any other politician or political cause it just seemed unlikely a firefighter thought they could get away without stirring up a whole lot of crap for themselves and their officer. But no, the complete statement from SFFD shows that’s not the case:

Today, 09-24-2022, the San Francisco Fire Department was made aware via social media of an employee wearing a non-SFFD tee-shirt while on duty. This violates the Department’s uniform policy and does not reflect the views and opinions of the San Francisco Fire Department. The Department took immediate action once made aware. The SFFD has followed internal and City policies to handle this incident.

In a sense, this is still a SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome) case except it was not the firefighter using social media. It was the public. But it’s also very much a TSACSS. Something we don’t see too often around these parts.

Matthew Tom,

A San Francisco Fire Department firefighter is facing disciplinary action after a tweet on Saturday showed him wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt on official department business, according to KPIX-5.

The tweet, which tagged San Francisco Mayor London Breed, San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman and the SFFD public information officer, had photos of the firefighter, along with two others, at Noe and 18th streets, asking: “[I]s this the new official uniform of the SFFD?”

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Tori Gaines, KRON-TV:

On Saturday, witnesses saw a group of firefighters working on a hydrant. It was not out of the ordinary until witnesses noticed something a little bit different about the uniforms the firefighters were wearing.

The phrase was coined in at a NASCAR race in when a reporter mistook a “F— Joe Biden” chant for “Let’s Go Brandon.” It’s also at times a way for people to show their support of former President Donald Trump.

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