Large number of Boston cops are becoming firefighters

Police union official says the fire department is a better job right now

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All of the jokes we’ve heard for decades about police officers really wanting to be firefighters seem to actually be playing out in a big way in Boston this year. Twenty-four cops have transferred from the Boston Police Department to the Boston Fire Department this year according to the Boston Herald. That’s more than double the previous four years combined.

A police union official seems to be turning into a Boston Fire Department recruiter based on his explanation of why this is happening:

Sean Philip Cotter, The Boston Herald:

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association President Larry Calderone said the department is “losing officers to the fire department at an alarming rate because, at the end of the day, it’s a great job.”

“Great wages. Great working conditions. No forced overtime. A great quality of life and, arguably, greater respect,” Calderone said in a statement to the Herald. “The officers leaving will tell you they’re sick and tired of being taken for granted and disrespected by the never-ending criticism associated with the ‘defund the police’ movement.”

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