Pre-arrival video: Batteries burn at Rhode Island TV station

Camera battery ignites setting fire to a bank of batteries used for Providence TV station's cameras

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Battery fires have been in the news of late. This battery fire was actually in the news department of a Providence, Rhode Island TV station. The fire occurred around 1:30 Friday morning in the area where portable news cameras are kept and the batteries charged. As you will see from this security camera video it appears one battery begins to smoke and burn. One by one the fire spreads to the other batteries in the chargers, with each of them eventually exploding and gradually increasing the intensity of the fire.

Kelly Boan, WLNE-TV:

The fire began just before 1:30a.m. Friday in a locker area of the station. Security camera video captured the fire. At 1:24a.m., the security video shows smoke coming from an area where camera batteries are stored. After several minutes pass, the video shows flames shooting from the same area.

A producer at the station called 911 after hearing a pop and seeing smoke.

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