Caught on camera: Michigan firefighters rescue man just before train hits Jeep

Crash Friday left a Jeep overturned on tracks in Portage. Firefighters pulled a man out of wreckage moments before a train arrived.

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A two vehicle crash in Portage, Michigan on Friday left a Jeep overturned on railroad tracks with a man still inside. In the video (above) you will see that firefighters got the man to safety just 20 seconds before the train came through.

Marie Weidmayer,

The Jeep driver had severe back pain and was unable to get out of the vehicle himself, the department said. As firefighters started assessing the man, the train crossing signal began flashing and a train whistle was heard.

Firefighters were able to drag the man out of the Jeep about 15 seconds before a freight train hit the Jeep, according to a video of the incident.

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