Robotaxis are a danger to fire, EMS & police but few are listening

San Francisco Fire Chief Jeanine Nicholson says robotaxis aren't ready for prime time

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This is an important issue for fire and EMS chiefs to learn about and be heard on. In a Los Angeles Times article by Russ Mitchell, San Francisco Fire Department Chief Jeanine Nicholson is giving us an important warning about robotaxis . Chief Nicholson makes a clear argument, along with a list of 39 incidents, that the driverless vehicles, as they’re currently operating, are a danger to public safety — and in particular fire, EMS and police. The chief says they aren’t ready for prime time.

Nicholson has the unusual unanimous support of the mayor and the Board of Supervisors but that apparently isn’t enough. State regulators don’t seem to be concerned with the fire department’s data and the deck seems to be stacked against safety as the industry continues to expand.

Below are some of the incidents listed in the article. Make sure you take time to read this entire article and understand the new technology may be coming to your community sooner rather than later.

Los Angeles Times

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